What is MGO?

MGO stands for Methylglyoxal, which is a naturally occurring compound found in Manuka Honey. It has been discovered through scientific research that it is the ingredient that makes Manuka Honey unique compared to other types of honey.

Testing for MGO is a reliable method of grading Manuka Honey. Every harvest of Manuka honey is different and the level of MGO can vary. Through proper testing of each batch of harvest we guarantee that our Manuka honey is properly labelled, the MGO value on the label signifies the amount of MGO is in that batch of honey.

The amount of MGO in your Manuka Honey signifies how potent it is, the higher the content of MGO the higher the quality of Manuka Honey. According to scientific research for a Manuka honey to be considered potent it has to be on a minimum of MGO 263+ or equivalent to UMF 10+.